Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Is Love?

"I have been going on throughout all my high school years, imagining what love is. I thought i knew what it was and how to recognize it. The truth is that i don't. Clint was the only one i thought i actually loved. I used to consider him my first love. We thought we would get married and have a happily ever after. Of course right? We're only in high school and thought we had it squared away. I think everyone has that one person they think they love. My high school relationship was only meant to only work out in high school and nothing more. I've always looked past love. Throughout high school...I think i love someone and really i just like them a whole lot. I don't know what love is. I think when i find the right guy ill know. I think the day that i find the guy i want to marry is the day i can say i know what love is. The day i tell a guy i wanna marry him and start a family with him. Until then everyone is just a crush. And who knows if ill ever find THAT guy. I do believe in soul mates...I believe that the person you can't go a day without talking to or thinking about is your soul mate. I believe that if someone is willing to die for another person or take their own life for them, that that's love. Because unless you really love someone, i don't see anyone dying for a random crush. I wish i knew who that person was. With my luck right now he's in another country. I'm not really sure but when i find him. I'm holding on tight. Never letting go. I've grown up since high school. I think i'm better."

I'm back dating this post to 6-29-10. Because that's when i wrote it. Everything previous to that has been deleted.

I have a new life, a new boyfriend and a new adventure. I want to erase all of the bad stuff that has happened and write a whole new chapter in my life. This is where it starts.