Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 Things I Love About You

I've seem to have forgotten all of these things...and i feel i needed a reminder.

I love...

1. The way you say “I love you” and I know you mean it.
2. When I catch you looking at me with that adoring smile on your face.
3. How I can be 100% myself when I’m around you.
4. The way you never let me down.
5. Falling asleep in your arms.
6. How you know exactly what to say and when to say it.
7. How we can cuddle up and enjoy any film together just because we are in each others arms :)
8. How we can’t spend a day apart without missing the hell outta each other.
9. How we can be so comfortable in silence.
10. You’re hugs.
11. You’re so kind.
12. How, although it scares me, you’ve become my security blanket. It’s hard for me to even fall asleep anymore without you to curl up into, without a big arm wrapped around me protectively.I won’t be able to fall asleep for quite a while...until you come home.
13. The way you’re such a worry bear!
14. When you left a rose on my door step. Made me cry like a baby.
15. How I knew you were the one for me the first moment I met you.
16. When I walk away, you follow me.
17. When you tell me you miss me.
18. Those puppy eyes you’ve got!
19. How we can spend a whole day laughing together.
20. How I feel incomplete when you’re not with me.
21. That you seem to always look forward to talking to me.
22. The little notes you write me on my wall.
23. Your taste in music.
24. How you’ve always got a beanie on. You look so adorable:)
25. You’re soo polite.
26. How you can make me smile even when I’m upset.
27. Our inside jokes that no one gets.
28. How we miss each other before we’re even gone.
29. Nothing could ever come between us.
30. When you sing along to your favorite songs. :)
31. Your kisses.
32. That you let me wear your favorite t-shirts to bed.
33. You never give up.
34. The first time you told me you loved me.
35. How we can share our secrets.
36. How I can come to you with every single little problem and you’ll make things better.
37. You understand me better than anyone else.
38. You make me feel warm inside.
39. How our minds are some how connected.
40. Every time I see you it feels like I’m falling in love all over again.
41. Your adorable texts.
42. That we can tell each other everything.
43. How you make me feel beautiful.
44. The way you comfort me when i’m upset.
45. Skyping with you.
46. You still give me butterflies whenever I see your face on skype.
47. Our Kush adventure.
48. How we can be total weirdos together!
49. Your arms;)
50. Your love for doggies;)
51. You say im perfect even though im not. Only perfect for you.
52. How we are so random together.
53. You're so different then any of the other guys i know.
54. How you know you're the best.
55. How you open up about everything to me.
56. How there is never a dull moment when we're together.
57. You always want to be by my side.
58. You're not ashamed to call me your girlfriend.
59. How you saved my life.
60. How you dance naked:)
61. You help me through all my tough times.
62. How we trust each other, i hope.
63. How you put up with my bitchy moments.
64. How intelligent you are.
65. How comfortable i am sleeping with you.
66. How you like my flaws.
67. You never judge me.
68. How you kiss me as soon as you wake up.
69. How you wanna marry me.
70. How you arent afraid to speak your mind.
71. The way you never want to hurt me.
72. How you gave me a necklace, so i can look down and know i have a man that truly cares about me.
73. How you always go out of your way to see me.
74. Our cuddles.
75. How you don’t want to lose me.
76.The smile when I’m doing something retarded.
77. How you drive...even though you scare me...i love it:)
78. Your winks...
79. How you'll take crazy pictures with me.
80. How you can handle my crazy/strong personality.
81. How your hand fits mine perfectly.
82. How you still squeeze me tight even while you sleep.
83. How you always look forward to making things better everyday.
84. Your silly hand gestures when you listen to music.
85. How you’re super funny.
86. How you call me your baby.
87. Your dougie.
88. You are constantly doing the sweetest and most thoughtful things for me and want nothing in return except to be appreciated. I don’t just appreciate you...I know you are the most precious thing that I have ever been able to call mine.
89. You're fearless.
90. The way you can leave me breathless.
91. How you wrestle around with me.
92. When i get mad you pull me to you and kiss me.
93. How you never compare me to anyone, you just love me for me.
94. How you've got me falling in love with you more and more every day.
95. You have a good heart.
96. Gorgeous eyes.
97. How you’re more like me and understand me better than anyone I have ever known.
98. When you let everyone on Facebook know that you're thinking of me and missing me.
99. How when i'm crying and upset, you're willing to just hold me and tell me it will be okay.
100. You’re basically my whole entire life and I could not imagine being without you! It’s forever baby. You’re amazing. I love you , and always will love you no matter what happens. Our love is this young but so strong. I love YOU. And ONLY you.