Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas is here! Austin and I went to both of my parents houses. We went to Benihana's which seems to always taste even better each time i visit. I'm just glad i got to be with Austin. I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with him. I don't know what i'm going to do when he leaves. We took pictures at my mothers house. Austin got to experience the reindeer head bands and Christmas hat tradition we always have! This was our first Christmas together and i'm very excited for more to come!

Me & my Mother.
My mom & sisters
Michelle and I
The Family.
Me, Sarah & Michelle

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010!

Austin opening his Christmas Present!

My beautiful heart necklace!

Austin and i went to his family's Christmas Eve dinner. I gave him his present even though i showed him the FIRST day he had been home. I could not hold it in anymore. I was just too excited. Anyways he loved it, which made me feel really good! His whole family seemed to like it too. He got me a pretty heart necklace which i'm probably never gonna take off from now on. I really love him. I love his whole family too. They all seem really nice. I wish my family was like that. Austin is really lucky to have a big family. When i finally settle down...i wanna big family like that.  Austin met my mom too! She seemed to like him from what she told me. He hasn't met my sisters yet so that's the next step. 

We did good, boy. :)

Until next time. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Only You.

I don't care what anyone else thinks. It's going to be you. I'll always have my eyes on you. I'm not going to bother talking to someone else. Why would i waste my time being with someone else when i have you right in front of me? You're the only one who can genuinely make me smile, and i can't ever get you off my mind. I want to be you and only you.

He's Home!

So guess what?! My soldier is HOME! Thank god. I was getting pretty desperate for a while. He kissed me and it was like a sign of relief. The best moment for sure. I was starting to forget what it was like to kiss him so i needed a refresher. It was perfect. Almost like a scene in a movie. What can i say the boy sure does know how to make me feel special. Also, before i forget. I got him the most amazing Christmas present ever. Seriously. I get major brownie points for this one! Ever since i first noticed Austin i was always reading on his Facebook about how much he misses Deny. Deny? Who's Deny? I asked him about him and he told me it was his little pup in Iraq. He told me all about dog handler school and how much he loved it. Needless to say he was crazy about this dog. I thought it was cute. Anyways, he had to give him up and i could only imagine how hard it was and what he felt. I ordered a throw blanket with a picture of Deny and Austin on it. It's not cheap either! It is a gorgeous blanket and I hope he likes it. I thought it would be a good gift to remember his dog by. Not to mention i really had no clue what to get him. The damn thing was so expensive. He better love it otherwise i'm out a lot of money. This guy means a lot to me so he's worth every penny. I just can't believe he's here. This is gonna be the best two weeks of my life. Not really looking forward to the good bye though. But we'll cross that road once we get there.